• Every development meet will have two 100 metre events and one 200 metre event.  This means every 100 metre events will be swam three times and the 200 metres events swam once in a given season. Including our development final’s, we will have six development meets in one season. We will leave the 200 metres freestyle for the last meet to give swimmers the opportunity to qualify for the Division two Irish Age Groups. 
  • 100m Individual Medley will be swam in all rounds except round 3 which is a fun Christmas gala.                                                                                            
Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
100 FS100 BRS50 BF100 FS100 BRS50/100 BF
200 BRS200 BK50 BK200 IM200 FS100 BK
100 BK50/100 BF50 BRS100 BK50/100 BF100 BRS
100 IM100 IM50 FS100 IM100 IM100 FS
100 IM