There will be two meets per season run over two days – Meet One Short Course, Meet Two Long Course

Age Groups:    
Minimum entry age is 13 years
Male 13/14yrs, 15/16yrs, 17&over
Female 13/14yrs, 15/16yrs, 17&over

Age-Up Date:   
Meet One: 31st December 2022
Meet Two: 31st December 2023

50, 100m, 200m all four strokes
200m, 400m Individual Medley
400m Freestyle
Mixed 800m, 1500m Freestyle
Male, Female and Mixed 4 x 50m Freestyle & Medley Team Relays (13-16yrs, 17&over)

Entries:  No qualifying times will be published although consideration times may be published for 400/800/1500m to manage meet timelines.  Athletes may only compete in their own Region. 

Athletes aged 13/14 years competing in the Future Challenger Series Round 1 will not be eligible to compete in the Aspiring Champions Series in the short course season (1st September to 31st December 2022) and those competing in the Future Challenger Series Round 2 will not be eligible to compete in the Aspiring Champions Series in the long course season (1st January to 31st August 2023).

Unless otherwise stated in the meet conditions athletes can enter as many individual events as deemed appropriate by their coach and clubs can enter multiple relay teams.

Athletes with a disability must be registered as members of a Swim Ireland affiliated club at the time of entry.

Awards: To be agreed 

Programme of Events:

Day 1Day 2
Male 4 x 50m MTRFemale 4 x 50m MTR
Female 4 x 50m FTRMale 4 x 50m FTR
Male 200m FreeFemale 200m Free
Female 100m BreastMale 100m Breast
Male 100m BackFemale 100m Back
Female 200m ButterflyMale 200m Butterfly
Male 50m BreastFemale 50m Breast
Female 50m BackMale 50m Back
Male 200m Individual MedleyFemale 200m Individual Medley
Female 100m FreeMale 100m Free
Male 400m FreeFemale 400m Free
Female 400m Individual MedleyMale 400m Individual Medley
Male 100m ButterflyFemale 100m Butterfly
Female 200m BackMale 200m Back
Male 50m FreeFemale 50m Free
Female 50m ButterflyMale 50m Butterfly
Male 200m BreastFemale 200m Breast
Female 100m Individual Medley (SC only)Male 100m Individual Medley (SC only)
Mixed 4 x 50m FTRMixed 4 x 50m MTR
Mixed 800m FreestyleMixed 1500m Freestyle