In accordance with the Swim Ireland constitution, the Connacht Region Management Committee (CRMC) have developed the Swim Ireland Connacht Swim Meet Protocol 2021/22 to assist understanding of key roles and assist event organisers in facilitating events.

Meet Licencing is a programme of classification of swimming meets designed to ensure that all swimmers can swim in competitions which are specific to their ability and that competitions of relevant levels are run to a uniform standard.

The programme is designed to help support the national calendar planning process and support the Long-Term Athlete Development Pathway in terms of competition and training.

CLICK HERE to access explanatory notes, application guidelines and application forms. 

Connacht Meet Licencing is coordinated by Katie Maher:

Key Points of Meet Licencing

• Two months notice required for any upcoming gala
• Process must be followed
• Pre-session report must be completed 2 weeks prior to gala
(length of gala, events)
• Post session report must be completed 2 weeks after gala
(Hy-tek results, PDF results, Officials list)
• Referee of gala also submits report
• Queries to


Swim Ireland Connacht Swim Meet Protocol 2021/22

Meet Application Form

Meet Expense Form